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Frustrated by slow designers?

You’re not alone. It often takes months for other web designers to finally finish building your website – after many delays and extra charges.

Choose a more efficient web designer.

  • You can work with us in real time, so you can see changes instantly.
  • You can choose from half-day, full-day, or custom design packages.
  • A la carte changes without a retainer or high hourly minimums.


Worried about getting hacked?

You’re probably using cheap shared hosting. And you’re likely not equipped to handle technical work such as security, upgrades, and fixes.

Rest easy with fully managed hosting.

  • Fast and reliable hosting for optimum site speed and uptime.
  • Security and monitoring to keep your site from getting hacked.
  • Upgrades done for you, and fixes in case anything breaks.



Built and hosted by EfficientWP

Built and maintained by EfficientWP

Designed and hosted by EfficientWP

The Institute for Engineering Career Development
Built and hosted by EfficientWP

Dr. Alexis Shields
Designed and hosted by EfficientWP

The Neural Stem Cell Institute
Designed and hosted by EfficientWP

Take Away Gourmet
Designed and hosted by EfficientWP

Cyberology Consultants
Designed and hosted by EfficientWP

Customer Testimonials

As the owner of Take Away Gourmet, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done by EfficientWP for my latest website redesign, custom designed to meet the high demand for simplicity as well as cutting edge creativity to coincide with what our customers have come to appreciate and expect from Take Away Gourmet!
Chuck Adams,
Chuck Adams
I was lucky to meet Doug at a networking event in March 2010, and since that time he has helped to transform my business. In addition to the design, he optimized my company site for the search engines and the results have been tremendous! I have only met a few people that have been as knowledgeable as Doug in their fields. Last but not least, he makes sure that my website is always updated for security purposes which past web designers didn’t even mention to me.
Anthony Fasano
EfficientWP does what it says on the tin! It’s a fast, reliable and trouble free way to run WordPress sites. Solid!
Chris Kirkland,
Chris Kirkland
As an internet marketer, I focus on getting content out. I don’t want to worry about little things like installing WP or managing themes. This is where EfficientWP has helped me. I can focus on what matters, content and driving traffic to a clean and professional site.
Estevan Montoya,
Estevan Montoya
Having spent literally 100s of hours developing sites on WordPress, only to have them hacked or perform really badly, we were losing faith in the platform. Since we moved the site onto EfficientWP, we have had supreme performance coupled with the peace of mind that the site isn’t vulnerable to hacks. We highly recommend EfficientWP to anyone who values their WordPress site.
Simon Price,
Simon Price
I’ve been using EfficientWP to host my site. I haven’t had any problems at all. The staff over there are always on hand and check up from time to time to see if I need anything so I know that if I ever have questions or issues they’ll be there to solve them quickly. I’d definitely recommend the service.
Barry O'Kane,
Barry O'Kane