Efficient WordPress design for professionals who want quality, without the wait.

Expert setup backed by 8 years of WordPress experience, followed by a day of real-time design customization.

The EfficientWP Method

I'm Doug Yuen, founder of EfficientWP. I've been building websites for 20 years, and focusing exclusively on WordPress for the past 8. My goal isn't simply to design beautiful websites. I also build them to be adaptable, stable, and secure.

From the start, I found the typical web design process to be extremely inefficient. Email conversations tend to get very long, stretching for weeks, and often months. This often leads to launch delays and cost overruns. It also means juggling more projects at the same time.

I quickly discovered that questions can be answered much faster and more efficiently over the phone than over email. And design changes can also be done faster in real-time via screensharing. So I developed the EfficientWP design package, where we do the design customization in real-time over the course of a scheduled day.

This may be right for you if:

  • You see your website as a long-term investment, and you need it built to last.
  • You have been frustrated by delays and cost overruns from slow web designers.
  • You know you're losing out on potential revenue each day your redesign is delayed.


  • Impress your customers with a stunning, modern, mobile-responsive design.
  • Build your email list with a variety of opt-ins.
  • Boost social traffic with sleek sharing buttons.
  • Engage your audience with smarter commenting.
  • Get more search traffic with proper SEO configuration.
  • Analyze your traffic with Google Analytics.
  • Edit your content with an easy-to-use page builder.
  • Capture more leads with effective forms.
  • Learn WordPress with tutorial videos and resources.
  • Save $100s per year with premium product licenses included.

Selected Work



Grounded Koh Tao




Note: Not all of these websites were done in one day, but they are all good examples of what could be done with the EfficientWP design package. 

Client Testimonials


Doug's "design in a day" package was an efficient way to get a great site built, fast. I appreciated being able to communicate and collaborate with Doug in real-time to get changes done on the fly.

Mike Fishbein, mfishbein.com


I was lucky to meet Doug at a networking event in March 2010, and since that time he has helped to transform my business. In addition to the design, he optimized my company site for the search engines and the results have been tremendous! I have only met a few people that have been as knowledgeable as Doug in their fields. Last but not least, he makes sure that my website is always updated for security purposes which past web designers didn't even mention to me.

Anthony Fasano, EngineeringCareerCoach.com


As the owner of Take Away Gourmet, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done by EfficientWP for my latest website redesign, custom designed to meet the high demand for simplicity as well as cutting edge creativity to coincide with what our customers have come to appreciate and expect from Take Away Gourmet!

Chuck Adams, TakeAwayGourmet.com

The EfficientWP Design Process

Consultation Call

We'll have an initial consultation call to make sure this is the right fit for your needs, go over your requirements, and design preferences. I'll send you a list of required materials and login credentials. We'll schedule a day for the design customization and launch.

Materials and Foundation

The earlier you get your login credentials and materials to me, the more time for customization we'll have on the scheduled design day. If I have enough time in advance (preferably at least 2 business days), I can set up the new site (or create a staging site), import your content, and start configuring the theme and plugins.

Start the Design Day

We'll start the day with a kickoff call to go over your design preferences, look at other designs for inspiration, and discuss your other requirements. Then you can stay on the call and watch my screen as I work, or you can check the draft site on your own.


I'll make changes based on your feedback throughout the day. I can do as much of the work as you want speaking to you over Skype and sharing my screen.


I'll demonstrate how to make changes to your site and answer any other questions you might have.


At the end of the day, we launch your new site!




This package covers:

  • New WordPress installation or copying a staging site
  • Installing a theme and plugins
  • Importing content (within reason)
  • One day of design customization

Details, such as the amount of content and the exact day for the design customization, will be discussed in the consultation call.

Note: Any changes or requests after the day of design customization are considered additional work (see below).


Starting from $3000

If you have a complex project that exceeds the limits of the EfficientWP design package, custom projects start at $3000. These may include:

  • Complex functionality such as e-commerce, membership, forums, directories, calculators, etc.
  • Difficult or extremely precise design work, such as replicating a design exactly from Photoshop files.
  • Very large sites that require a lot of manual importing and formatting of content.



You may prefer to schedule additional full days if you have a tight deadline, or simply need additional design work and instruction, where it's especially useful for real-time communication.



Additional work is billed at $100/hr, in 15-minute increments.

The standard rate is applied for email requests as long as the word "urgent" is not in the subject line.



Urgent/emergency work (real-time or same-day) is billed at $200/hr, in 15-minute increments.

The urgent rate is applied for email requests with the word "urgent" in the subject line, and for any other forms of communication (phone call, SMS, instant message, etc).


$30/mo or $300/yr

  • Security, upgrades, and fixes
  • 50,000 monthly visits
  • 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • 10GB storage

With this plan, you are restricted from accessing the hosting environment, installing new themes and plugins, and more. For more details, please see the EfficientWP Platform Hosting and Maintenance FAQ items below.


Starting from $50/mo

  • Security, upgrades, and fixes
  • 50,000 monthly visits
  • 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • 10GB storage

This plan does not have the technical restrictions of the EfficientWP platform (SSL, hosting environment, etc). It is only available for websites built or redesigned by EfficientWP. Pricing depends on the complexity of the site. 


EfficientWP Design Package: What are the payment terms?

An initial deposit of 50% is required to schedule the design customization day and before any work is started. The remaining 50% is due by the start of the design customization day. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

EfficientWP Design Package: What constitutes a day?

The day typically goes from 9am to 5pm PST, with short breaks in between. The start and end times can be adjusted by a couple of hours, depending on your time zone. If you are more than 3 time zones away from Pacific Standard Time, we can divide the "day" into two 4-hour blocks on separate days.

EfficientWP Design Package: What if I need to reschedule?

If you give me at least 24 hours notice, there is no fee the first time you reschedule.

If you give me less than 24 hours notice, or it's not the first time you're rescheduling, there is a $100 rescheduling fee (payment required by the time the day starts).

EfficientWP Design Package: Do I have to pay for any software licenses or upgrades?

In most cases, you will have lifetime upgrades for premium themes and plugins used.

EfficientWP Design Package: What if one day isn't enough? And how about support later?

If more than one day is needed, you can order additional full days or additional work at my hourly rate.

Self-serve support. You can use the resources on this site to learn more, especially for some of the specific plugins I use. You can also use the WP101 video tutorials in your site dashboard to get familiar with the basics of WordPress.

Hosting and maintenance. If you are hosted on the EfficientWP platform, support includes maintenance related requests (i.e. downtime, getting hacked, broken plugins). Other requests are counted as billable time.

EfficientWP Design Package: What if we finish early?

I'll credit you the remaining time, as the equivalent amount of scheduled work (or 2x the time as non-scheduled work).

Additional Work: What counts as billable time, what are the rates, and what is the turnaround time?

After the day is finished, you can request additional work as billable time.

Communications. Billing and account-related communications are not counted as billable work. However, other communications, such as questions on how to do make changes to your site, are counted as billable work. We encourage you to check the support documentation and the WordPress 101 videos before sending us your questions.

Standard rate: $100/hour. This applies to making any changes to your site, answering questions by email, and writing project quotes. This is recorded in 15-minute increments. Most of the requests I receive are small tasks, and are billed at $25 each.

Turnaround time: most small changes are completed within a day or two, but a turnaround time is not guaranteed.

Urgent rate: $200/hour. If something absolutely must get done as soon as possible, you can mark the request as urgent (using the word "urgent" in the subject line of your email), or contact me via phone, Skype, etc. Any communication methods other than email are assumed to be urgent.

Turnaround time: most small changes are completed within an hour or two.

Same-Day Guarantee: If the work is not completed on the same day, I will still prioritize it to get it done quickly, and you will not be billed at the urgent rate.

Invoices for ongoing work. Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month for work done in the previous month.

EfficientWP Platform Hosting + Maintenance: What can I do with my website?

Your site will be powered by the WordPress software. You can easily add and edit your own content, upload images, and more.

You can also change settings, switch themes, configure plugins, and add your own custom CSS. If you're not comfortable doing these kinds of changes yourself, you can request that we do them, and we will bill you at an hourly rate.

This system is designed for ease and simplicity. As such, we manage all the technical details for you, such as backups, security, upgrades, and fixes.

However, if you need to install themes or plugins that we do not support, access the hosting environment, set up e-commerce, or make other advanced changes, then this is not the right fit for you.

EfficientWP Platform Hosting + Maintenance: What themes and plugins are included?

We've included the best premium themes from the Genesis framework: the Pro themes from StudioPress and the Dynamik theme from CobaltApps.

We've also included all the best WordPress plugins, including a significant number of premium plugins. The following are some of the 50+ plugins we provide:

  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro *
  • All In One Favicon
  • Antispam Bee
  • Beaver Builder *
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • Blubrry PowerPress
  • CMS Page Order
  • Custom Post Type UI
  • Display Posts Shortcode
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Duplicate Post
  • Genesis Layout Extras
  • Genesis Simple Customizations
  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Simple Page Sections
  • Genesis Simple Share
  • Genesis Title Toggle
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Gravity Forms *
  • Lightbox Plus
  • MapPress Easy Google Maps
  • My Custom CSS
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Related Posts
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Shortcodes Ultimate: Extra Shortcodes *
  • Simple 301 Redirects
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Soliloquy *
  • SpeakPipe
  • Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
  • Table of Contents Plus
  • Testimonial Widget
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • Widgets on Pages
  • WordPress Importer
  • WordPress SEO
  • WP 101 *
  • WP Maintenance Mode

* These are premium plugins, which we provide at no additional cost to you.

Hosting + Maintenance: What does maintenance entail?

The WordPress software requires ongoing upgrades in order to keep your website secure from hackers, and continuous fixes to bugs in the software. Our WordPress maintenance covers the following:

  • Proactive security against hackers
  • Frequent backups in case of emergency
  • Upgrades and fixes done for you
Hosting + Maintenance: What is and is not covered by support?

Hosting support is by email and includes:

  • Restoring a site that is down.
  • Fixing hacks and security breaches.
  • Fixing anything that breaks, such as theme and plugin errors.

Billing and account-related communications are also not counted as billable work.

Services such as making changes to your design, content, and plugin configuration are not covered under hosting support. If you prefer to have us do those kinds of changes for you, you can email us and they would be billed as additional work.

Hosting + Maintenance: What about email accounts?

If you do not already have an email account set up, you can set it up with your domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, NameCheap) or Google Apps, which is our recommendation. We do not provide email hosting.

Hosting + Maintenance: What if I want to cancel?

If you would like to cancel, simply contact us.

If you plan to migrate or back up your website, you must let us know before you cancel. We will provide you with a zip file of your website files and database tables, which you can use to migrate your site to another hosting provider.

If you would like us to handle the migration, we will do it for free as long as you have paid for at least one year of hosting with us.