Genesis Simple Page Sections

Easily make full width page sections in Genesis via shortcode. Must be using the Genesis theme framework.


Use the following shortcode syntax, placing your content between the opening and closing shortcodes:

[gsps color="orange" width="960" outer_css="" inner_css=""]

The shortcode takes four parameters: color, width, outer_css, and inner_css.


This parameter supports the standard HTML hexadecimal color codes, the standard HTML color names, and the following flat design colors:

turquoise emerald peter river amethyst wet asphalt
green sea nephritis belize hole wisteria midnight blue
sun flower carrot alizarin clouds concrete
orange pumpkin pomegranate silver asbestos


This parameter supports percentages and length measurements (px, em, etc). If no measurement is specified, px will be used. The values 960 and 960px will have the same result.

Default width is set to 800px.


This parameter allows you to enter your own CSS for the outer div.

Default padding is set to 0.


This parameter allows you to enter your own CSS for the inner div.

Default margin is set to 5rem auto.

For example, if you want the top and bottom margins to be a different size, you can use the value margin: 2rem auto; or your own variation.