I have a custom reseller plan with Flywheel, from which I resell hosting to select clients.

  • I offer more resources for the cost than what you get with Flywheel’s plans directly.
  • As your traffic grows, I offer more scalable pricing tiers than Flywheel’s plans.
  • The CDN and SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt and 3rd-party) are all free.
  • You will have the same level of access (i.e. database, SFTP) as with an individual account.
  • You can still contact Flywheel directly if you need hosting support, including free migrations.


PriceMonthly VisitsDisk Space (Storage)Monthly Bandwidth
$15/month (or $150/year)30,0006GB300GB
$20/month (or $200/year)40,0008GB400GB
$25/month (or $250/year)50,00010GB500GB
$30/month (or $300/year)60,00012GB600GB
$35/month (or $350/year)70,00014GB700GB
$40/month (or $400/year)80,00016GB800GB
$45/month (or $450/year)90,00018GB900GB
$50/month (or $500/year)100,00020GB1TB
  • If you have a temporary traffic overage, there’s no charge, provided it’s not excessive. But if you are consistently over, we’ll need to move you up to another plan.
  • The disk space (storage) and monthly bandwidth limits are soft limits. As long as you’re not excessively over, or impacting my overall plan limits, I don’t plan to enforce these.
  • If you’re getting more than 100,000 visits/month, we can discuss options, but at that traffic level, you’ll probably want to get a separate plan with more dedicated resources.