WordPress SEO Basics: Off-Page Optimization

Effective off-page search engine optimization is just as important as your on-page optimization. There are many factors that the search engines use to determine rankings, but most SEO practitioners agree that the most important factor is getting quality links to your website – the concept that Google first engineered to return better search results than its competitors. The following tips apply to websites built on any platform.

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WordPress SEO Basics: On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization is generally easy with WordPress, once you understand the basic principles. You don’t have to configure any special settings to get your website crawled by Google. And from a technical standpoint, WordPress is a very search engine friendly solution.┬áThe Genesis themes, which we use at EfficientWP, give you some advanced SEO functionality beyond what most WordPress themes offer.

Of course, search engine rankings are far from guaranteed, and the more SEO work you put in, the better the results.

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Online Reputation Management

When you Google your name or your company name, do you like what you see? When someone looks for you or your company, they will see (nearly) the same thing you do. Every person and business has something to gain (or lose) with their online reputation. At the very least, you should monitor your online reputation with Google Alerts and occasional search queries. If you want to control and influence your online reputation, you can use SEO and social media to displace results from other websites with results from your website or your social networking profiles.