The footer is typically where you include information such as copyright information, your company name, a link to your terms of service, and a link to your privacy policy. Note: some themes have footer widgets, which actually appear above the rest of the footer content on your site.

Changing Your Footer Content

Required: Genesis Simple Edits plugin

To modify the footer, go to the menu Genesis > Simple Edits. You can change the left-aligned text by editing the text box next to “Footer “Back to Top” Link.” You can change the right-aligned text by editing the text box next to “Footer Credits Text.” You can use HTML and shortcodes in the text box.

If you want to modify the whole footer instead, check the box next to “Modify Entire Footer Text (including markup)?” and type your new content in the large multi-line text box.

Note: In WordPress, when you see text inside square brackets, it is a “shortcode”: it will continue to appear in brackets inside the editor, but on the actual site, that text, including the brackets, will be converted into something else. For example, the [footer_copyright] shortcode will automatically be converted to the copyright symbol and the current year.

Sample Footer Content

Copyright © 2014 Your website. All rights reserved.

Copyright [footer_copyright] Your website. All rights reserved.