Antispam Bee

This plugin helps to block and identify spam comments on your site. If you don’t want to allow comments on your site, you can disable them at the theme level, in the Genesis > Theme Settings menu. But if you do want to enable comments, you will inevitably get a lot of spam, and you should set up Antispam Bee to reduce the amount of spam you get.

Recommended Settings

  • Go to the Settings > Antispam Bee menu, then under the column labeled “ANTISPAM FILTER”:
    • Check “Use a public antispam database.”
    • Check “Block comments from specific countries.”
    • Type “CN” in the box next to “BLACKLIST ISO CODES.”
  • Under the column labeled “ADVANCED”:
    • Uncheck “Notification by email.”
    • Uncheck “Not save the spam reason.”
    • Check “Delete existing spam after 0 days.”
    • Change “0” to “30.”
  • Under the column labeled “MORE”:
    • Check “Comment form used outside of posts.”