Display Posts Shortcode

This plugin allows you to display lists of posts and pages via shortcode. You can specify many different attributes, such as category, tag, post type, and order. You can even set it to only display child pages of a particular page. Here are examples using some common parameters:


This determines which category or categories to display posts from. Use commas to separate categories.

[display-posts category="podcast,news"]


This will show the full content of each post.

[display-posts include_content="true"]

include_excerpt and excerpt_length:

These will display the post excerpt, and optionally, the maximum number of words to display.

[display-posts include_excerpt="true" excerpt_length="25"]

order and orderby:

These will determine the ordering of posts. Order can be “ASC” for ascending, or “DESC” for descending (default). Orderby can be by date (default), title, id, rand (for random), or other parameters.

[display-posts order="ASC" orderby="title"]


Use this if you want to display a different post type other than standard posts.

[display-posts post_type="testimonial"]


This determines the number of posts to show. The value of -1 will show all posts (no limit).

[display-posts posts_per_page="-1"]


This sets the way the posts are displayed. Use “ul” for an unordered/bulleted list (default), “ol” for an ordered/numbered list, or “div” for a plain list you can style yourself with custom CSS.

[display-posts wrapper="div"]