TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin allows you to customize the editing buttons in your page/post editor.

Recommended Settings

You can change the TinyMCE settings in the Settings > TinyMCE Advanced menu. The top rows show your current editor configuration. You can drag and drop between the top rows and the bottom box to add, remove, and re-order buttons. You may want to consider adding the following buttons / groups of buttons:

  • Table (for adding and editing tables)
  • Quote (for designating text with the blockquote style)
  • Replace (for using Find and Replace on your text)
  • Font family (for changing the font type)
  • Advanced HR (for adding and styling horizontal lines)
  • NB Space (for inserting non-breaking spaces; by default, WordPress will remove extra spaces in your text)
  • Anchor (for inserting and editing anchors in your content; this is typically used if you want to link to a certain spot on a page)

Using Tables

In WordPress, tables do not always behave as expected. We recommend avoiding the use of tables, if possible. If you only need to put your content in columns, consider using the Rows/Columns feature of Shortcodes Ultimate. But if you do need to use tables, please be aware of the following concerns:

  • If using images in a table, you must manually set the width of the table or the table cell containing the image. In some browsers, such as some versions of Internet Explorer, the table cells with images could collapse.
  • If using more than one paragraph of text in a table, the spacing between the first and second paragraphs could disappear. You will need to edit the HTML to fix this.
  • We do not recommend using background images in tables, as they do not always work.